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Records for the Environmental Restoration Program are available to the public and can be viewed at the Air Force Administrative Record site. To view, toggle Air National Guard and then select "Peoria Int'l Airport, IL" from the Installation List. The Air National Guard works in partnership with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Ms. Tara Capitani
182nd Airlift Wing Environmental Manager
2416 South Falcon Boulevard, Peoria, IL 61607
Contact: 309-633-5277



Records for the Environmental Restoration Program are available to the public and can be viewed at http://afcec.publicadmin-record.us.af.mil/Search.aspx.   Toggle Air National Guard and then select Peoria Int'l Airport, IL from the Installation List.   The Air National Guard works in partnership with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Ms. Roxanne Lastoria
182nd Airlift Wing Environmental Manager
2416 South Falcon Boulevard
Peoria, IL 61607
Phone: 309-633-5277



Environmental Restoration Program (currently in final draft)
14 CFR 150 Noise Compliance Program 
Environmental Program Endorsement Statement 


The 182nd Airlift Wing Environmental Manager maintains an administrative Record of Environmental Restoration Plan documents spanning more than 35 years. For any questions or to obtain additional resources, please contact the Environmental Manager at 309-633-5277.

To file an aircraft noise concern, please click here for a form that can then be emailed to 182.AW.Public.Affairs@us.af.mil

Policy Program Endorsement

10 August 2018



SUBJECT: Program Endorsement Memorandum 2019-03, Environmental Management

1. This letter supersedes previous letters with subject same as above.

2. The 182d Airlift Wing in Peoria, Illinois is committed to conducting our mission in an environmentally responsible manner that will protect human health, natural resources, and the environment. In doing so, we will comply with all federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations as well as Executive Orders and US Air Force Instructions and guidance while we continually improve our environmental performance. This commitment goes beyond compliance with the law and encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices into our daily decisions and activities.

3. 182d Airlift Wing activities include operating and maintaining eight C-130 aircraft with the support of corrosion control, fuel cell maintenance, nondestructive inspection, engine maintenance, aerospace ground equipment maintenance, vehicle maintenance, fueling operations, facilities maintenance, firefighting and administrative functions. In support of AF Policy Directive 90-8, we will seek to:

a.  Maintain an effective environmental management system while promoting  the use of safe technologies and operating practices, and remain ready to respond to emergencies in order to minimize adverse impacts to installation workers, their families, and the environment.  

b. Investigate and evaluate new technologies, continue to improve our  pollution prevention program, minimize the generation of wastes, continue to improve our recycling program, and dispose of any remaining wastes in an environmentally responsible manner.  

c. Ensure the responsible use of energy throughout the installation, including the adoption of innovative practices and procedures that will conserve energy and improve energy efficiency.

d.  Provide regular operation-specific environmental performance reviews and assessments that involve the base as a whole, and develop plans to address actual or potential noncompliance situations. 

4. Compliance with this commitment to AFPD 90-8 is the responsibility of every member of the 182d Airlift Wing community, including outside contractors, in accordance with his or her role and responsibilities.   This environmental commitment is made available to the public via the 182d Airlift Wing’s public website and to the wing members through 182 AW SharePoint/Program Endorsement Memorandums.



Commander, 182d Airlift Wing

Homeland Security