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  • 80 years of service ends on a final note

    After more than 80 years of military service through music, the final note has been played for Peoria’s Airmen musicians. The 566th Air Force Band had a diverse career, playing for governors’ inaugurations, Tuskegee Airmen, wounded veterans, deployed locations and retirement ceremonies all around

  • Into the future skies: The modernization throughout the Pacific

    The Pacific Air Forces’ modernization efforts demonstrate its unwavering dedication to adapting, innovating and maintaining its edge in an ever-evolving world. These endeavors encompass not only the enhancement of physical infrastructure but also the embracement of green technologies and the

  • Col. Jeff Pixley: The Evolution of BMT

    Col. Jeff Pixley, commander of the 737th Training Group, discusses the ever-evolving training environment at basic military training in San Antonio, Texas.

  • DAF-MIT AI Accelerator

    As the Air Force strives to advance technology for strategic competition, the AI Accelerator breaks down advanced technical concepts surrounding AI and machine learning, while simultaneously influencing policy to shape the current technological environment to fit National Defense Priorities.

  • Emotional Intelligence Leads The Way Forward

    Increasing awareness of and familiarity with emotional intelligence sets the stage for a better understanding of individual follower responses and reactions and fine-tuning leadership approaches to the challenges of leading an educated, professional force in the situations leaders face today.

  • Hard work paid the Price

    “[Success is] up to the individual,” said Chief Master Sgt. Micheal Price, the new command chief of the 182nd Airlift Wing, Peoria, Illinois. “You've got to fight for it, but the only one that's going to limit you is you. If I can make it this far, anybody can make it this far.”Price hasn’t

  • A child's dream leads to more than 41 years of military service

    Tiny hands reach to grab the control wheel while his eyes dance around the flight deck, filling with wonder. Control panel switches are just within fingertip’s reach. He can’t see over the dash, but the boy imagines what it might feel like to soar through the air. He is in love with the dream of

  • Faces of the Defender: Security Forces

    U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Luis Vasquez, a security forces specialist with the 182nd Security Forces Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, describes the duties and responsibilities of the career field in an interview Oct. 2, 2021. Security Forces personnel are the first line of defense for Air Force

  • An Airman's American Dream

    U.S. Air Force Airman Rashid Hussain, a services specialist with the 182nd Force Support Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, came to the United States as a student and immigrated to become an American Airman. Hear this naturalized citizen’s story of independence realized and an American Dream