Update on Unemployment Benefits for Furloughed Technicians

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IDES will not accept claims from federal employees through the web link that was posted earlier. That is only for state employees or contractors paid with federal funds. Below is the updated information for Federal Technicians.

Federal civilian employees: If you choose to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, you must do so by calling (800) 244-5631. That is the only way your application can be considered. Your application cannot be completed at www.ides.illinois.gov, nor can it be completed at an IDES office. Because federal officials are uncertain if IDES will have access to your wage data, please be prepared to identify how much wages you received in each of the last five completed quarters. As before, all eligible individuals must wait one week after they apply before receiving benefit payments. Also, should federal officials retroactively pay you for the time that you were on furlough, you will be required to repay the unemployment insurance benefits that you received.

Here is the link with this information: http://www.ides.illinois.gov/

Sometimes when you call it will tell you that all lines are busy, however I
kept calling and eventually got through. I do apologize, as you can see we
are learning the process with you.