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  • The five seconds that could kill anybody

    Last year John suffered a brain injury that makes him go into a daze for about five seconds at any random moment.He was ready when it came time to renew his driver's license, but Senior Master Sgt. Jim Cole, John's son and our base's safety NCO in charge, knew he couldn't allow it. Five seconds of

  • Adapt and overcome, or die

    My firstborn child recently turned two months old. Amidst the irresistible joy of having a new little buddy, I look back over these last eight weeks and wonder how my spouse and I survived.I am a writer, but there are no words I can find adequate enough to describe the terror of sleeplessness that

  • Becoming a social media sap: Part 2 of 4

    February 2014 showed the Internet's ability to alter the course of careers and lives. Between a prisoner of war/missing in action symbol being disrespected, mistreatment of a flagged casket, and incriminating selfies, social media caused a paradigm shift in just days. Supervisors must now prevent it

  • Becoming a social media sap: Part 1 of 4

    February 2014 proved social media's power to wreck reputations in the military. Now military supervisors are under pressure to keep it from happening again. They have to teach troops to protect them from themselves. The Internet exploded on Valentine's Day after a photo of Air Force Staff Sgt.

  • Thank you! (TACP 24 Hour Run Challenge)

    Good Morning,First and foremost I want to thank everyone who in some way helped support the TACP 24 Hour Run Challenge. Whether you passed along information on this event, recruited people to run, donated, or did all the above, you guys blew it out of the water. For Peoria's first annual TACP 24

  • Slowing down??? (Yes!)

    Greetings to everyone at the Peoria Air Guard Base. Looking back on this past summer, it was rather hot and humid at times - like any other normal summer. However, there were many storms and weather conditions that left severe flooding and damage throughout the Midwest. Furthermore, at the end of