With spring comes new opportunities

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Daniel Wilton
  • 182nd Airlift Wing Chaplain Corps

The 17-year cicadas (locust-like insects) are about to reemerge in the Midwest from the ground after 17 years of very slow development. Once they emerge, their songs produced could be as loud as 100 decibels. This all should all happen over the course of two-to-four weeks in mid-May. They will breed and then leave behind a new generation of cicadas who will reemerge in 2038. What a curious and wondrous event!

After a very-long year of COVID-19 we hope to soon reemerge to sing our songs of community and enjoy life after a very, very long wait. Perhaps family reunions or vacations have been postponed. Perhaps other plans have been postponed or cancelled due to this season of pandemic? One thing is for sure: All of life’s best things are worth waiting for. At this time of year we celebrate the arrival of spring after a long winter. As spring arrives, I trust you are feeling a renewed hope that what has been postponed can once again be planned, that what has been lost can soon be found or regained and even that which was buried and forgotten can arise and produce songs of life and celebration.

Our Chaplain Corps team is praying and hoping for God’s blessings in your life. We are thankful to God for your service to our country and community. When the time comes and you hear the songs of the cicadas, we hope you are encouraged to think on the many things in your life that are worth the long hard wait. We have faith that the things slowly developing in your life through this season will produce a beautiful song in the future.